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There are many reasons that tree removal is necessary. Some trees have died and are infected with disease, while others grow too close to your home and could cause severe damage if a storm were to come along. St. Petersburg Stump Removal and Tree Service can help you with your tree removal needs.
If you have an unwanted tree on your property, we can take care of it for you. A professional St. Petersburg Stump Removal crew will come out and remove the tree from your landscape while you watch. We are swift and efficient with our work, so you will not be waiting a long time to get rid of that unwanted tree.
If the stump is left behind in the ground after the tree has been removed, we will also grind it up and make sure that there are no signs that a tree used to stand on that spot. This makes it easier for our customers because they do not have to worry about damaging their lawnmower blades or accidentally running over the stump with their car. At St. Petersburg Stump Removal and Tree Service, we take pride in the service that we provide and go out of our way to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

Tree Removal Experts in St. Petersburg

Expert tree removal St. Petersburg, FL. When you need tree removal services in St. Petersburg, Florida, trust the experts at Tree Removal St. Petersburg! We specialize in stump grinder and tree removal for both residential and commercial properties.
Choose a company that uses fast-acting stump removal methods such as tree grinding or chipping to speed up your project completion time with minimal mess. Quality workmanship is guaranteed with our affordable pricing plans so let us get started on your next project today!
As certified tree removal specialists, we use the latest equipment and techniques to get the job done efficiently with little impact on surrounding areas. Our arborists are experienced in emergency services as well when storms or other unfortunate events damage your trees! Tree Removal St. Petersburg performs all of our work using safe practices so you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of any potential danger during every step of the process from start to finish.

Get Rid of Trees Fast!

Trees that need to go, we will be there for you. Fast and affordable tree removal service in St. Petersburg, FL! We are one of the best tree removal services in St. Petersburg, FL because we use advanced equipment such as bucket trucks and chainsaws to take down trees quickly.
If you live in or around St. Petersburg, Florida, then you know how important it is to get a quick response for any tree removal service that you may need out of your busy schedule! At St. Petersburg Stump Removal and Tree Service, we strive to provide fast and affordable tree removal service in St. Petersburg so you can rest easy knowing that your yard will not be left looking messy with yard waste after our work is done on it. Whether you are removing a dead tree from an area where people walk through or just want to remove some old trees from your yard, we can do the job!

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St. Petersburg Stump Removal and Tree Service is the Premier professional tree service company in all of St. Petersburg, FL. We have been offering top-notch services to residential properties for many years and guarantee your complete satisfaction every time.
We ensure great tree service at an affordable price. Our customer support is second to none and our employees are approved by the most demanding clients in St. Petersburg, FL.
When you need us for professional quality tree service in St. Petersburg, FL, make sure to call us immediately for a free estimate.
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FAQs about tree trimming

You should consider removing a tree that is dead, dying, or has become diseased, causing damage to any structure in your yard.  You should also remove a tree if it poses an imminent danger to you or your family.

We will contact you at the number you provided to arrange a time to provide you with a written estimate.  We will also ask for any specific pictures or information helpful in making our recommendations, such as the location of existing trees immediately around the diseased tree, your proposed use of the property in the future, nearby utility lines and access to drainage swales.

Anyone who is removing a tree located on their property that has a trunk diameter of 10 inches or greater needs to obtain a permit from our office.  This applies whether you are an individual, business owner, real estate agent, contractor, or homeowner.

You can remove trees that do not require a permit, such as those with trunk diameters of less than 10 inches in diameter.  We may charge for the inspection and to issue you an approved tag if a tree is removed without our authorization.

It depends on the location, size, and type of the tree you are removing. 

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